Dreams and disclaimers

A week or so has passed since I began to post my writing for public consumption.  Your reactions have been varied.  Obviously, a few of you posted your responses without delay and weren’t shy about putting your names right there where I (and all of the WWW) can see them.  I love that.  And a few of you sent me long e-mails to express your concern or to reassure me that I wasn’t a mean girl.  I love that.  And a few of you have said nothing in black and white, but told me over the phone that you appreciate something I said.  I love that too.  And one of you bluntly told me not to concern myself with my audience.  I really love that.  So I figure it’s about time I shared the following ideas I have for this blog-o-mine:


Tons of feedback – good or bad, silly or serious, private or public.  I want it all.  Send me an e-mail, comment directly to the blog post, call me up or even send me a card via snail mail.  Just don’t ever hesitate to speak your mind.  I can take it.  I swear.

Links to your blogs – I’d like to see them.  And let me know if you want me to add a link to my blog so that our blogs can be happy linky friends.

Fatten my audience.  I don’t mean that you should eat cake.  Well, actually I do mean that.  But I also mean that you can share my blog with your friends if you like.


Things aren’t pretty yet and they may not be for a while.  I’m just getting started.  Give me some time to figure out all the groggy bloggy blarney.

I will read your every comment and cherish every revelation you have about my life, but I will employ or ignore your advice as I see fit.  I love you all, but if I listened to everybody, I’d be Sybil…you know what I’m saying?

I will try to respond to your comments as much as I can, but writing the new blog will always come first.  If you don’t get something back right away, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.  Because I do.  And then some.  After all, you’ve read this far through my disclaimers.  You should be loved.

Anyhoo, I guess that about sums it up.  Oh, one more thing, I reserve the right to change this whole list whenever I feel like it and just because.


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