Things I sorta already knew…

but learned again this week:

  1. Cap’N Crunch hurts the roof of my mouth
  2. I cannot complete a day without chocolate.
  3. My husband will always beat my Bejeweled Blitz score.  Always.
  4. My cat snores.
  5. I plan too much or I’m caught unprepared.  Nothing in between.
  6. I don’t have enough good underwear.
  7. I hate being hot.  And I don’t mean hot like a porn star.  I mean hot like a potato.
  8. I love my son and husband.
  9. I’m glad my mom is in town.
  10. I have sensitive hearing on one side and I’m almost deaf on the other.
  11. I like Kraft Singles.
  12. I want another kid.
  13. I don’t want another kid.
  14. I want another kid.
  15. Bruce Willis is hot.  And I don’t mean hot like a potato.
  16. I miss my dad.
  17. I am blessed with  several very good friends.  Several.  Very.  Good.
  18. I miss the one that got away.
  19. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches rock.
  20. The right side of my body is wrong.
  21. Curtains are dirty and gross.
  22. There will always be wires everywhere.
  23. I wouldn’t mind a third computer.
  24. My son needs a new bed.
  25. The drumsticks with the fudge center are the best ones.
  26. I like blue mascara.
  27. Cancer gets everyone.
  28. I don’t diet.
  29. Most Mexican Restaurants still put lard in their beans.
  30. You can’t power down lemonade.

3 thoughts on “Things I sorta already knew…

  1. Ditto with the Captain Crunch…if everyone feels this way and has since childhood…why haven’t they changed the texture?…dammit!

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