Grammar Police

I was horrified to hear from my husband that I had some grammatical errors in my last post…significant grammatical errors.  I have since corrected them.  I am now performing the why-the-hell-did-i-write-that-in-the-wee-hours-and-not-proofread-it-more-clearly-before-I-posted-it-? dance.  (Think Elaine from Seinfeld and you get the picture.)

4 thoughts on “Grammar Police

  1. What you write is what you write. If you proof read it and have someone else proof read it, is it a true expression of yourself? Just wondering.

    • I do agree with your comment and I am amused by the little products of haste or fatigue I find in others’ works. However, I made my corrections because my fingers had not actually typed what I had written! I couldn’t leave the post as-is. It would have given me a twitch in my eye for years to come!

  2. I hate to point out grammatical errors. It’s like throwing stones from a glass house, but I thought you’d appreciate knowing of them. Bloggers don’t have the luxury of a copy editor.

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