#5 in a series…Things I sorta already knew

but learned again this week:

  1. Tortilla chips are a waste of stomach space.  It’s better to fill the avocado with salsa and just get a spoon.
  2. Tomorrow will be better.
  3. Tomorrow will be worse.
  4. I need glasses for working on the computer.
  5. I don’t recognize my neighbor’s kids, not even the one who valet parked my car at the doctor’s office on Monday.  How did he get my van into that tiny little space?
  6. School photos are really expensive and I can’t live without them.
  7. I’m not meant to enjoy a movie.
  8. The internet is overwhelming.
  9. It’s shocking to find out what other people think of you.
  10. Reassurance and support come from the most unexpected places.
  11. Reassurance and support come from the most familiar places.
  12. I love Trader Joe’s Sun Dried Tomato and Pesto Torta with Triscuits and Persian cucumbers.  Yummy.
  13. Balloons are the best toys EVER.
  14. There’s grace from being practiced and there’s grace from being gracious.
  15. I prefer the latter.

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