Honest Opinions, Please…

My husband feels that there are too many italicized words in my shoe tying post of yesterday.

When he read parts of the post aloud to me, his emphasis on the those words was very sharp and distracting.

I explained that the emphasis they motivated in my head was softer somehow.

I was surprised by his interpretation, but what he said makes some sense to me.

He feels that I have italicized where most readers might put emphasis on their own.

That detracts from the natural flow of the writing and makes the entire post less readable.

I want to be a better writer/blogger/internet presence, so I need your honest input.

What do you think about my italics?

Oh, and just so you don’t feel used solely for my personal betterment, I will try to post something for your enjoyment later this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Honest Opinions, Please…

  1. I read the italicized words noting the punch that you were conveying, and that added to the information you gave in your blog. I didn’t stop to think that you were using too many. Also, when read aloud your blogs might sound differently than they do when read silently inside your head. Don’t worry!

  2. Not an observation I would have made, but upon reflection I’m with your spouse. I do love the italicized “maddening” though! That was effective.

  3. You’re a very good writer and I don’t think you have to help the reader know what and how you’re saying things in your head. Their own heads will fill in the emphasis. Besides, as they say, less is more in good writing.

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