Monday Blah

I’m really tired and it’s hot in our house.  I‘ve been writing in my head all day and now I‘m here at the computer and everything sounds wrong.  The thoughts I believed so eloquent as they spun in my mind this morning are now tumbling out all disjointed and nonsensical.

I think this lack of focus hit me a few days ago when I acted on impulse and purchased a giant bottle of cocoa butter hand lotion.  I used some just before going to bed and I fell asleep wondering if it would remind me of the beach.

I guess it sort of did, because that night I dreamed I had chocolate-dipped a bunch of sea creatures and displayed them in a bowl for my guests to eat.  Gross.  I’m not sure what the dream means and it continues to bother me.  I think the creatures were still alive when I dipped them.  Why did my brain give that to me?  Yuck.

The weekends are always so strange.  Sometimes I long for the routine of Mondays – husband back at work, son back at school and myself free to accomplish what I choose.  Today though?  Not so much.  Although I managed to take my car for an oil change, I didn’t really want to and I was punished for my poor planning.

I got there hungry, half asleep and grumpy.  The only two seats in the shade were taken and so I had to stand for an hour and a half.  Stand. It felt like five hours and now legs ache. Why is it that I went to the dealership?  Oh yeah, they’re actually kind of good.

Now with the sun going down and the house cooling off, I am thinking about what I did today and it actually seems like a lot.  I dropped my son at school.  I went to Sports Authority to try on roller skates.  I walked my friend’s dog.  I got the oil changed, had a conference with my son’s teacher, did four loads of laundry, put a chicken in the oven for my husband and wrote about twenty paragraphs that you will probably never read.  Not bad, I guess.

I can’t think of anything fascinating to post today.  You will just have to check back tomorrow to see if I have recovered.

One thought on “Monday Blah

  1. Maybe the chocolate was oil and you are worried about the environment. Freud would say it’s sexual. Chocolate…sea creatures. Duh. You do the math.

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