Doughnuts on the brain

The weirdest things come out of your mouth when you’re talking with the dead.

A couple of weeks after my best friend passed away, I drove to the post office and noticed a sign advertising a new Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shop.  I don’t particularly like their doughnuts myself.  They are disgustingly sweet for my taste, but my friend loved them.  She loved them a lot.

The closest Krispy Kreme shop was across town in the neighborhood where the two of us grew up.  It was a twenty minute drive at least, but she made that trek when she had the craving.  The fact that her mom still lived in the area made it easier to talk herself into it.

We had an agreement.  If either of us ventured in that general direction, we would alert the other and take down orders.  I suspect she went on occasion without honoring that commitment.  I have forgiven her.  She kind of got the short end of the arrangement anyway since those doughnuts just weren’t my cup of tea.

To see that sign going up in our neighborhood was a miraculous thing, one of her dearest wishes about to come true!  It actually made my heart race a little bit as I slowed down to get the details for her.

Satellite store…okay, so no conveyor belt of little round dough puffs rising in the window, but they would be fresh, probably trucked over each morning from the very shop we had already visited.  That would do!  No need for the drive.  I couldn’t wait to tell her!

I opened my mouth and said “Oh man, Krispy Kreme?!  You’re gonna be so bummed that you died!”  And then I started laughing.  And crying.  It was a error I knew she would appreciate, so I went back to laughing.  I know that she was laughing too.

The weirdest things come out of your mouth when you’re talking with the dead.

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