Love & Chocolate

I swear I didn’t go looking for it, but another reason to miss my dad has popped into my thoughts this week.

I got an e-mail update from Conversations with a Cupcake, one of the food blogs I read.  Her post motivated me to search the internet for cupcake bakeries in San Diego.  I was shocked to find one I’d never even heard of, much less been to.

Cupcakes Squared opened last year.  It has already received rave reviews, won an award and been part of the Martha Stewart’s Dreamers Into Doers competition.  The photos on the website are gorgeous.  I can’t wait to eat one (or two or three) of those beautiful confections!

As I scanned down the list of the daily flavors, I wanted to go there right away and I wanted to share the experience.  Honestly though, I couldn’t think of a single person to ask along.

No one I know enjoys sweets quite like I do.  No one I know makes dessert a regular part of their daily routine.  No one I know will drive miles out of their way just for a cupcake.  No one I know lets their guard down that often.  My dad did, so I miss him.

After writing a post about him the other day, I got to thinking about dad and doughnuts and all of the other desserts we enjoyed together over the years.  He loved chocolate cake with white frosting.  Simple.  Classic.  I love it too.

While I wouldn’t thrive well without desserts like crème brulee and tiramisu in my life, I have to confess that,  like my dad, I am always on a quest for the perfect chocolate cake.  I have failed to make a good one in my own kitchen, a fact that my husband has cautiously confirmed.

In the face of those trials and repeated resounding defeats, I have switched to boxed cake mixes as a way to muddle through.  (After all, we can’t just go without.)  I am ashamed.  The box cakes aren’t that good.

My husband has declared that he likes flourless chocolate cakes the best.  His favorite was served at Tutto Mare in La Jolla.  Sadly, the restaurant declined in quality and ultimately closed.  Bye bye, cake.

In case you’ve never tried a flourless chocolate cake, you should find one as soon as possible and add it to your list of life experiences.  It’s dense, but not heavy, and has a very deep chocolate flavor.  Good ones are usually served with raspberry coulis or something similar.

In honor of my dad (and because I kinda like my husband too), I’m going to start making flourless chocolate cakes in my inadequate little kitchen.  I’ll try a different recipe every couple of weeks (as time and budget allow) until I find the one that tastes the best to the two of us.  With luck, I’ll perfect it before the holidays arrive!

And by the way, I’m going to Cupcakes Squared on Friday.  Wanna go with me?

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