Falling In


I walked through a spider web on the way to the trash bin this morning.  Yuck!  As violating as that was, it served as a reminder that Fall is arriving.  October in San Diego brings Santa Ana winds and the seemingly sudden maturity of the Argiope Aurantia spider.

Female Argiopes grow much larger than the males.  They start out quite tiny in the spring and grow steadily through the summer months.  When Fall arrives, they are quite large and, in our neighborhood, they hang from every tree.

Argiopes are basically harmless to humans, but they spin their webs anew each morning, so, at some point, you’ll walk through one.  It makes you yell out,  flail your arms hopelessly around your head and dance a rotating spider jig.  It also makes the blood pump more fiercely through your heart.

When all that adrenaline fades, a wry little smile appears on your lips because you know that Halloween is on the way and Thanksgiving is close behind it.  Pumpkins and turkey.  Spiders mean the holidays are here.

In the spirit of this revelation, I thought I’d post a picture of my favorite thing to decorate.  My grandmother’s china hutch is something I torture myself over daily in the Spring and Summer months.  It’s huge and I rarely use the china.  Should I keep it?  Should I let it go?  Is this giant piece of family nostalgia worthy of the valuable real estate in my front room?

When pumpkins start popping up in my local grocery store, I get the answer to my questions.  Keep the hutch.  It’s such fun to tuck a few of the those little orange fellows behind the glass.  They make me smile all season long.  See for yourself.


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