#8 in a series – Things I sorta already knew…

but learned again this month:

  1. There is no better apple pie than the one shared with visiting cousins on a warm autumn evening in your mother’s backyard.
  2. When I don’t get time to write, my eye starts twitching.
  3. Making popcorn in an old pan on your gas stove is charming, memory-evoking and environmentally kinder than the microwave stuff.
  4. One woman’s SPAM is another woman’s perfectly legitimate comment from a friend!
  5. Friendships ebb and flow and ebb again.
  6. Just when you think you’ve got your desk chair fixed, it will violently crash down six inches and startle the crap out of you.
  7. Paper towels probably can’t save the slices of pizza you accidentally soaked when you knocked over your mother’s water glass.
  8. When pizza is at stake, you might not notice that you got your mom wet too.
  9. Lava lamps are really cool, but I don’t want them on the mantelpiece anymore.
  10. AETNA will never get it right.
  11. My house doesn’t look that bad when I have the time, energy and “company’s-coming!!” motivation to tidy it up.
  12. Sometimes you should buy the cheesy pumpkin lights, especially when they make your son smile.
  13. Sundays are for pajamas.  And newspapers.  And baking.
  14. I might have to start another blog just to share my thrift store discoveries.
  15. Our cats don’t smell right.

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