Popular Themes Hot Story

Last night I wrote a little note to tell you that one of my blog posts has been hijacked by a Russian website.

I think my writing may have been translated to Russian and then back to English.

It looks pretty bad.

There are typos, wrong words and a host of punctuation problems that are not in my original, but it’s clearly my content.

I included the link in my note last night and even published it for you, but just before bed, I deleted it again.

My husband and I decided it might be better to let you google “bockychoy” and find it yourself.

The Russian site is not X rated, but it does seem to lean toward a more mature audience.  (Less mature?)

I don’t think there’s anything truly sinister about the site, but they did steal my stuff, so I’m not sure I want them to have a link directly to my blog.

They took one of my titles, The Little Girl Around The Corner, and changed it to “The Little Lass Around The Corner” to accompany the text from my post Portable Junk Drawer.

Doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever.

The whole thing does sort of amuse me, especially the big cloud of topic tags that appears on the same page with my ruined writing.

If I weren’t so annoyed by the blatant thievery, I might even feel flattered.  Ha!

Yeah…but I don’t.

Welcome to the hazards of the blogosphere.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Popular Themes Hot Story

  1. this is creepy. if people click onto that website will names be gathered for some horrible purpose? Will spam be rampant?

    • I have looked at the Russian site a few times and as yet have had no ill effect from doing so. Obviously, I’m not recommending you spend a lot of time there…or any time for that matter, but I found it interesting to see what they did with my blog.

  2. I think there is nothing personal here at all. The Russian site looks like a feeder site to me, which means it’s sole purpose is to get links back to the owner’s money sites. Google likes back links and the money site can then get more Google love to bring it to the top of the listings for whatever the money site is.

    Here’s just how impersonal it is: people with zero scruples go out on the web and scrape copy off of websites and then run it through software that spins out nonsense articles. Then they imbed links to the money sites. Google penalizes “duplicate content” so they don’t use your copy the way you have written it. But the Google bots can’t necessarily see that the words create nonsense.

    Eventually Google catches them and throws the site into “the sandbox” where the bots don’t go so their whole feeder site is useless. They don’t care, they just build more feeder sites. And yes, all this really is creepy. But the good news is that it has nothing to do with you or your lovely blog.

    That’s my take on it!

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