Stuff I am always so glad I kept:

  1. The three wool blankets I picked up in Tijuana for a song over twenty years ago.
  2. Grandmother’s good china…Haviland & Co from Limoges…plain white with a gold band…simple, elegant, goes with everything.
  3. My own good china…not so plain, not so simple, still elegant, goes with less, but oh so lovely.
  4. My sense of humor.
  5. The twelve little purple dessert glasses I bought at the Goodwill in Walnut Creek ten years ago.  Soooo fragile, but so pretty.
  6. The twelve teeny spoons I bought at IKEA to go with the purple glasses.
  7. My far away friends.
  8. The plug-in wall timers I bought for automatic on/off of all the Christmas lights.  They worked perfectly for lighting the pumpkin globes I put in my son’s bathroom for Halloween.
  9. The heavy marble rolling pin.
  10. The three baskets full of cookie cutters that collect dust all year, but are washed and pressed into service at the holidays.
  11. The raspberry & shortbread hearts I made for dinner with my girlfriends last night.  I almost threw them out and went with something store bought.  Turns out they liked them.
  12. That weird rubber thing in the utensil drawer that you use for opening jars when your hands are wet.
  13. The two giant restaurant buckets stowed in the cupboard above the fridge.  They get used for brining Thanksgiving turkeys, then back on the shelf they go.
  14. The three-hole paper punch.
  15. The set of blue and white dishes we got for our wedding because I didn’t actually get tired of blue and white dishes like I thought I had when I bought a different set to replace them.
  16. All those annoying hot wheels cars because occasionally my son still plays with them and seems overjoyed to do so.
  17. The slippers I thought would be too hot to wear.  Seems I never wear anything else.
  18. The broken rooster in our front yard.  He always seems more cheery in the Fall.
  19. The leftovers from dinner.
  20. The collapsible tunnels and Spideman tent.  Rainy days are good for making forts with blankets and tunnels and tents and hairclips and hangers and chairs.  Oh my.
  21. The miniature food processor we got as a wedding gift.  I was so sure I didn’t need it and now I use it at least once a week.  Great for grinding nuts or making your own bread crumbs, honey butter, garlic spread or cheese dip.  Love that thing!

5 thoughts on “Stuff I am always so glad I kept:

    • Is it yours?! I’ve had it since we moved into the house, but I really don’t know where I got it. Do I have to give it back now? How about I just use it to make you something? 🙂

  1. YEP! – LOVE those cookies. As a matter of fact I will admit to eating Emmy’s partially eaten cookie tonight. It was so yummy – even with Emmy spit on it. LOL!! Thank you Becky!

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