Little Bits of Christmas

Santa hangs out on the mantle with kitty and cow.

Cow cracks me up.  Seriously, look at him.  He’s crazy.

I impulsively painted this sun on the wall a few years ago.  Unfortunately, I’ve never really liked it.  The wall is 25 feet high, so I can’t afford to have the whole thing repainted.  (Insert self pity here.)  I’ve tried to make the best of it by putting my little churchy birdhouse village below.  Christmas is the one time of year I don’t mind the sun so much because the lighted garland somehow makes everything seem more festive.

I took the miniature pumpkins out of the china hutch and replaced them with little houses and stuff.

Our tree is in the front room, just inside the main door to the house.  It’s one of those pre-lit numbers from Lowes.  We always had real trees when I was growing up, but the fires in Southern California in the last few years have motivated us to think twice about having giant flammable objects in the house.

This year the mini-lights attached to the tree finally called it quits.  We almost got rid of the entire thing, but our eco-sense and empty wallets prevailed.

We dug up a few strands of colored lights and decided to make do with the tree we had.  We are pleasantly surprised to find that we like the softer colored lights much better than the too-bright white lights from before.

The tree used to look like a giant torch.  Now, it’s gentle and cheery.

Please ignore the runaway ornament under the piano and the tacky clothes pin holding my curtains shut.  (My neighbors are having a party in their driveway (yes, in their driveway) this evening and they can see right in through the little gap in the drapes.  Hate that we live so close to them, but what to do?  Clothes pin, that’s what!)

I bought this Moon Santa about fifteen years ago, but I don’t recall where.  It’s the only topper our tree has ever known and Christmas wouldn’t be the same in our house without it!

Okay, so that’s my stuff.

Now send me some pictures of yours!

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