And still more little stuff…

At some point, I will have to post pictures of the stuff in our house that isn’t so pretty – you know, all of the things that have fallen victim to the cats or the kid or the grown-ups with no self-discipline.

These items are plentiful and quite depressing at times, but they are also what make this place a home and not just a house.  (You have already seen our couch.)

Our stuff gets used.  A lot.  And replaced?  Not so much.  We like the cats and each other more than we care about our surroundings.

Until I work up the nerve to let you see the bad and the ugly, you will just have to live with a few more pix of the good.

Remember that you can right click on any picture to open it larger in a new tab.

Here is a quick peek over the mantle.  My apologies for the weird angle.  I couldn’t get the lighting to cooperate.

You saw Santa with Kitty and Cow here a few posts ago, but I neglected to expand the frame a bit to show you this poster of John August Swanson‘s painting, Ecclesiastes.

We love the colors and the composition and the fact that Swanson painted every verse with intricate detail.  There is so much going on in this piece, that we find something new in it each time we look.

We bought our poster at The Gallery in Bazaar Del Mundo and had it framed at Michael’s.  I wish we had spent a bit more and chosen a wide and rich velvety mat like those on the framed samples at the store.  As usual, bare wallets took the lead in our decision making.

This poster has been hanging over our fireplace for about nine years.

These little paintings came from thrift stores.

I paid less than $5 for each of them.  I love all three, but I am partial to the large one in the middle.  Someday I will have it re-matted.

You may notice that the other two are a bit shinier.

It appears that the artist has sealed the paintings in clear acrylic.  I don’t mind the shine, but I do not prefer it.  I would recommend against clear acrylic sealers if you are planning to paint something yourself.

I got all three of the paintings recently and I spent way too much time looking for the perfect spot to hang them.  I had almost given up when I learned that some cousins would be visiting for dinner one night.

A few hours before their arrival, I scurried around looking for somewhere to stash the paintings and was suddenly inspired to yank down an old poster hanging above the t.v.  Up went the paintings with just moments to spare before our guests arrived.


Why am I so compelled to confess this stuff?  Remind me to figure that out later.  Oooo…and remind me to show you the old poster from above the t.v.!  It’s in the garage now and everytime I see it I stop and wonder what I was thinking.

That brings me to the last picture for tonight.

This is absolutely one of my favorite possessions.

I found it lurking in a crowded bin of poorly framed bad art at the Amvets thrift store in Spring Valley.  It was only $5.  I would have paid five times that for this poster.

I love it.  LOVE it.  LOVE him – His Royal Highness, the King of the Coffee Jungle.

I am embarrassed to say that my eagerness to hang this on the wall seemed to preclude my paying it due respect and getting it framed professionally.  Now that it’s up, I keep forgetting to take it down and do that.  It makes me happy to see it there, so I guess there’s no harm done.

That’s it for Wednesday!  Good night!

By the way, my husband is watching Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.  Cracks me right up.  Large Marge…Twisted Sister…Deep in the Heart of Texas!  🙂

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