#9 in a series – Things I sorta already knew…

but learned again in 2009:

  1. It doesn’t take much to compromise your health.
  2. Every family has at least one person who looks really beautiful with purple hair.
  3. I work best under pressure.
  4. Even when my son enters the car in clean clothes, there is no guarantee he will emerge in clean clothes when we reach our destination ten minutes later.
  5. Honey Nut Cheerios is the only cereal I can douse with milk, completely forget while I am distracted by laundry, dishes or my son, and then return to eat when I remember it.  No mush!
  6. If I give in to my son’s request to use my head to “catch” the koosh ball, my hair will rip out.  And it will surprise me.  And it will hurt.
  7. I will be there when the time comes, but probably not before.
  8. Listening to my son sing the tune to his favorite video game is a joy I will remember to the day I die.
  9. My husband can watch Point Break every time it’s on t.v.
  10. When you’re seven, goldfish crackers with fluffy white frosting is an entree.
  11. You have to trim the bangs before you see the giant bruise your kid got on the school playground.
  12. I don’t crave pizza all the time anymore.
  13. You actually can eat too many M&Ms.
  14. I am overwhelmed by Stephanie Nielsen.  In a good way.
  15. I love Meryl Streep.  Gotta get the video for Julie & Julia.
  16. Toys are loud.
  17. When I have to pee in the middle of the night, but I’m too sound asleep to get out of bed, my mind conjures snakes.  Lots and lots of snakes.  Green snakes that lunge and try to bite me.

2 thoughts on “#9 in a series – Things I sorta already knew…

  1. I was in the middle of e-mailing you when this came in.
    #3 is me, #8 touched me, #13 I got a bag of M & M’s in a decorated jar for christmas from a friend, #15 I’m with you & #17 is really wierd!!!!

  2. I laughed out loud about the goldfish/frosting entree…

    and I got Julie and Julia for christmas so you’re welcome to borrow it if you want… I already watched it (since I’m pretty much trapped in front of a TV) so I probably won’t need it back for a while.

    Keep on writing!

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