San Luis Obispo

On our way home from the wedding, we stopped for two nights in San Luis Obispo.

Yea!  Excellent decision.  I already want to go back.

Beautiful.  Relaxing.  Fun.  Lots of melted cheese.

We stayed at the Quality Suites and had reasonably priced, very clean and comfortable accommodations.

I happily recommend this hotel.  We booked in through AAA.

The room includes a morning breakfast bar with cereal, milk, muffins, coffee, juice, and made-to-order waffles, eggs and sausage, etc.

Naturally, we didn’t realize how good the free breakfast could be, so we wasted our money on the local IHOP – also good, but not necessary.

I sorta wish we had tried Luisa’s.  It looked like the place to be for breakfast and it’s near the downtown shops.  Oh well, maybe next time.

We had dinner both nights at Pepe Delgado’s.

Pepe can’t really compete with some of the Mexican restaurants and taco shops in San Diego, but he did hit the spot with both of us at a time when we were ready for some heavy, cheese-laden goodness.

Pepe doesn’t have enough employees for super fast service, but we didn’t really care.

The staff was kind and courteous and tried very hard to get us what we wanted.  We were relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

And it was right next door to the hotel.  Very convenient.

The Quality Suites is located on Monterey Street, but it is not downtown.

We found the walk was manageable on our first night, but we spared ourselves that exercise the second day.

Instead we found a large parking structure near The Mission.  The daily rates there are very low and the structure is free on Sunday.  Lucky for us!

We enjoyed a little walk along the San Luis Creek in the morning before hitting the downtown shops.  The creek walk starts by The Mission.

I am disappointed in myself to realize and confess that we never even looked in at the Mission itself.  Don’t know what we were thinking.  Such a piece of California history and we missed it.  😦  Oh well.  Will just have to go back.  🙂

My friend, Leighann, used to live in San Luis and she has been telling me for years about Hands Gallery on Higuera Street.  Oh boy.  I want everything in there.

I must pause here to thank Leighann for the Parran Collery tiles she gave me so many moons ago.  I saw more of the tiles at Hands Gallery and my amazement at lovely Leighann’s generosity was renewed.  Thank you, my sweet friend.

I’m so glad I went to this shop.  I was so excited to get there that I actually turned to my son, scooted him out the door and said “This is Mommy’s shop.  Not for you.  Go with Daddy.”

I am evil, but I’m so glad he bought it and that the two of them left me to enjoy the place alone.  Ha!

Hands Gallery is full of gorgeous hand made art – a little bit of everything – and all of it so clever and different.

You have to go.  I wish I had been there before the holidays to see the place really stocked with stuff.  Sigh.  Next time.

On our last day in San Luis Obispo, I visited a small shop called The Nest.

It’s not on the two main streets, Higuera or Monterey, so you may not see it unless you go looking.

My advice?  GO LOOKING!

You can find The Nest on the corner of Palm and Chorro, near The Mission.

The Nest is the most charming store I’ve been to in a long time.  And the prices are very reasonable for the level of cuteness you can purchase.

I bought a funky ring made of sea glass and beads for $5.

Yesterday I saw its almost identical cousin in a foofy over-priced French import store in San Diego for over $30.

Yippee for me!  The Nest rocks.  Go there now.  Take me with you.  Leave me there.

That about sums up our San Luis adventure, though I will say that we enjoyed Pete’s Coffee and Beverly’s fabrics as well.  Both obviously have locations in San Diego, but not near our house and not nearly as fun.

The Beverly’s in San Luis is easily seven or eight times the size of the San Diego store – hog heaven for fabric/crafty crazies like I am.

And the Pete’s is right downtown, near Barnes & Noble, some yummy looking restaurants and a really great candy store called Powell’s.

Go to Powell’s.  I did.  Even after what happened in Monterey.

Oh!  I almost forgot totally terrific two-story Tom’s Toys!  You gotta go there too.  Thank you to Bob for the recommendation.

We bought one of these to amuse the little boy while we ate at Pepe Del Cheese-OH’s.  Ha!  🙂

Okay, that’s it.  Really.  Until tomorrow.


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