Mellow Monday

My husband had to go back to work today.  Sorry, husband. 😦

I had to put away the holiday stuff.

Undecorating was very educational.

I learned that when you finally manage to lift the gargantuan heavy base of the why-did-we-keep-it fake Christmas Tree, that you had better make sure the box hasn’t been closed by your seven-year-old as you’re making your way over to drop the tree in.

My son learned how to say the “s” word three times in a row with just the right touch of tree-lifting-closed-box frustration in his tone.

I learned that the super-wide, too-tall tree grows every year.  Or the box shrinks.  I’m not sure which.

My son learned the “d” word.  It will come in handy when he has grown up and tries to re-pack his own big, fat, arm-scratching, nail-breaking monster pine.

I learned that the reason our front room has been smelling like poo the last few days is because our front room had poo in it.  A gift from one of the cats.  Under the tree.  Found it today.  Nice.

My son learned that when I am distracted by Christmas poo, I am less likely to notice if he goes upstairs and starts knocking things off my sewing table.  No wait, I learned that.  My son already knew it.

I learned that if you make a tradition of buying a few new ornaments each year, that you have a few more to put away each year too.

My son learned that he likes taking the ornaments off the tree almost as much as he likes putting them on the tree.

I learned that the extra ornaments ultimately mean there will be a year when your storage boxes no longer hold everything.  This was the year.

Today I learned that no matter how much trouble all of this merry making gets to be, I will always do it, because it delights my child.

Thought you’d like to see a picture from the day before our trip.

Kitties off to the kennel…

The Fairy Princess Grey Poupon isn’t pleased.


2 thoughts on “Mellow Monday

  1. Beautiful kitties! I work in a College Vet Clinic, but never grow tired of oo’ing and aw’ing over them.

    I learned a couple tidbits too this year:

    I actually got rid of a decoration box after 20 years of having my own tree. It wasn’t really so much from weeding out as it was from breaking more and more ornaments over the years (don’t try to squish in the last ones!) The only thing my son learned was that he could no longer be blamed for breaking another ornament (he shot one accidentally last year with a toy gun!)

    The other thing was a revelation – who dusts their ornaments? I’m a tidy-freak and dust quite regularly; however, I don’t think I ever dust ornaments! And I wasn’t even embarrassed to put them in boxes with the dust still on them…after all, there wasn’t any there when I opened the boxes in early December!

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