Just Thinking

It’s late and creepy quiet in my house.

I tucked the little boy into his bed about an hour ago and the husband just went out for a jog in the cold night air.  It rained all day, so he was deprived of his bike ride.

Have I mentioned that my husband is an inspired (crazed??  avid??) cyclist?  He has all that gear and those tight jerseys and the padded shorts and the important bikes that look the same as the other bikes to me.  Don’t tell him I said that.  I’m kind of exaggerating anyway.  🙂

And this is his favorite blog.  I read it on occasion myself.  If you’re in the mood to dig a little, you will find the word cancer on there way too much.  Courageous.  Inspiring.  Sad.  Getting happy again.

Now the husband has returned.  He is sweaty and smiling.  He did two laps around something or other.  The night air agrees with him.

I have accomplished no such feat this week.  Well, unless you count going to the dentist.  I did do that.  That’s sorta healthy, I guess.   It wouldn’t be beneficial not to go, right?

I so hoped I would have some inspiring, witty or otherwise interesting tidbit to share with you, but I’m fresh out.  Hmm…

Christian Nielson posted some beautiful photos of his children yesterday.  Even if you don’t follow his wife’s blog, the NieNieDialogues, you will appreciate these little people and all of their emotions.  I love the picture of Claire with her head back in laughter.  Mommy Stephanie is in the hospital again for more surgery.  Mr. Nielson posts to the blog in her absence.

And I can’t stop looking at these apple cider doughnuts.  My apologies if I’ve already shared this link, but it’s almost Valentine’s Day and the heart cutouts are really cute.  Make some.  Give them to me.  While they’re warm.  Thank you.  🙂

And lastly, please tell me that you all saw Sigourney Weaver on Saturday Night Live the other day.  Oh my, how I love this woman.  Go watch this clip.  And then write a comment below to express your love of me for sharing it.

Have a good Wednesday.


One thought on “Just Thinking

  1. I want Sigourney’s dress for my gold diggers outfit. I might have worn it when I met my new family since they were checking me out for golddiggerisms, but alas, I passed in my own persona. Yay! I love you for sharing it, and I’ve taken notes for Bud.

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