Eeeek isn’t just in the comic strips.

It’s in my car.

A daddy long-legs dropped down toward my hand on the steering wheel as I was turning off of our street this morning.

Okay, not the most threatening of spiders, but he broke all my proximity and timing rules, you know?

Can’t have the spideys in the car in front of my face while I’m driving.  Thank you very much.

He’s dead now.  Bet you would have guessed that.

He came apart in pieces…body here…leg there.  Poor spider.

Heebeejeebees and adrenaline.

Thanks to whomever (God?) for inciting this riot before I got to a busier street.

I confess to some swerving and some middle of the road pausing for spider termination and removal.

On with the day.

I found this card wedged in with some old desk supplies yesterday.

I’ve been looking for it.

Lovely Leighann sent it to me years ago and I’ve always wondered where it went.

Now I know.

It slipped elusively from a book or letter and away from my searching eyes.

And, much to my chagrin, it got a little beat up.

I still love it.

Don’t you love it too?


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