Spring Break

My son and I made cupcakes on Friday.

They were nothing fancy, just a box of Betty Crocker and a tub of fluffy frosting that we tinted Pepto pink.

The little boy ate four.  Or at least, I gave him four.

The first one was too warm and sort of fell apart when I frosted it.  I let it crumble into a bowl and dropped a blob of pink perfection right on top.

I gave my son a fork and told him to go ahead, but he couldn’t figure out how, so he knit his brow in frustration.  (I saw that coming.)

The second one was cooler and held its rosy lid more easily.  My son eagerly took it from my hand and started his happy cupcake dance into the front room.

I frosted the third one for myself, but as I was starting to peel its paper, my sous chef returned and nabbed it from me.

I was a little surprised to see him back on the line so soon, but he’s seven and he really likes cupcakes.

This time he stayed in the kitchen on frozen feet, moving only his hand and tongue.  He licked the top of the third cupcake until it was clean, then plopped it, naked, onto the counter.

His little face communicates so much sometimes, I forget that he’s autistic.  His eyes told me to frost a fourth.

I handed the last one to him and watched as he tried to eat a bite.  The crumbly texture of the cake was problematic.

He settled for a mouthful of the frosting again then tossed the rest in the trash.  He’d finally had enough.

When I walked into the front room a moment later, I discovered cupcake number two, frosting side down on the tile floor.

The five-minute “fess up to your messes” lesson was lost on the little boy.  He could tell I was a little bit annoyed.  Nobody learns when you’re teaching like that, right?

The unfortunate and easily forgotten problem with all of this is that now the child knows there’s an open can of frosting in the house.  And it’s pink.  He really likes pink.

He has eaten it slathered on graham crackers and Ritz crackers and in happy blobs right off a spoon.  He just loves frosting, you know?

In fact, last night I tossed the remaining cupcakes in the trash.  They were just receptacles for the real dessert anyway, and not very good ones at that.  Sorry, Betty.

So much for trying to improve his diet, but what can I say?  We were on day five of the two-week break and I was out of entertainment ideas.

And please, no comments about GFCF.  This is a cupcake post.  🙂

Speaking of baked goods, I have to share today’s little let-down.

Occasionally, I get a huge hankering for blueberry muffins.

I don’t really understand this craving, because I don’t actually like blueberries, but it is what it is.

When I want a blueberry muffin, I really want a blueberry muffin.

Luckily for me, Vons Grocery has always made really good ones.

They’re enormous, fluffy, moist, loaded with berries and super fresh.  They’re really more like a cake than a breakfast bread.

Best of all, they’re sprinkled with giant sugar crystals.  Gotta love that sparkley, crackley goodness embedded in the slightly crunchy top.

Delicious!  😀

Unfortunately, the blueberry muffin in the Vons pastry case this week is smaller and has no sugar on its roof.  😦

I bought one today and decided the actual cake is probably the same recipe, but it just didn’t seem like the muffin I know and love.

The missing sugar was a huge disappointment.  It left me with the feeling that my blueberry muffin craving may never be properly satisfied again.


there are blueberries in my freezer and fancy sugar crystals in my cupboard, so I may just have to perfect a recipe of my own.  😀

Stay tuned for that!

Oh, and another thing, summer is here.

The boy just finished a milkshake and is now outside throwing cups of water onto the grass.

It’s official.


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