Vacation Deals for Children

Proof of improvisational parenting:

I thought “run up and down the stairs” was kind of a cop out, but it proved the most amusing in practice.

He didn’t even stay for my explanation.  Apparently the drawing was crystal clear.

He took off running and laughed the whole time he climbed and descended.  So funny.

Despite my best efforts to navigate around the dreaded Oreo Cakesters at my local grocery store, the little boy always finds them.

Grrrrrr!!  Damn those product placement specialists.  They put these everywhere!

I hate the things more than I can ever explain, but the promise of them brings the child such joy that he is motivated to nibble on other stuff first.

The chicken nugget-apple-peanut butter combo looks pretty crazy, but it’s our reality.

Next time, I’m putting broccoli on there.  😀

Happy Tuesday!


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