5 thoughts on “Any ideas?

  1. I think you already have a great theme going re. the day-to-day challenges of parenting a child with autism and how you both teach him and learn from him. All this while trying to maintain your own life, your own self. A great theme.

    You could dress it up by choosing a better looking WordPress theme, rather than the one you have that comes right out of the box.

    Then, I agree about having more on your about page. But I’m wondering if you have decided yet whether or not you want people to know who you are or if you have concerns about that–both for your child and for yourself.

    It’s interesting that the blog is written in a very intimate style but it’s still impersonal in that if I didn’t already know you I’d be wondering who you are, what you look like, etc. When I leave this comment, I will be the only real face on the page.

    And then there’s always these other pesky questions: What’s your purpose in writing this blog? Do you have further plans for what you write here (such as a book)? and Are you getting what you want from the doing of the writing?

    If you want to start a new blog, what would you want from that? I know if I were answering this question it would probably be to escape from the one I’ve already started, the difficulty of the never-ending, ongoing foreverness of it all. But lucky you. You’re not me!

    I enjoy your writing and look forward to the emails that tell me there is a new post. I love your honesty and your authenticity.

    • Wow, Lynne, you have given me some great things to think about. I definitely struggle with the decision about whether or not to post pictures of myself. Some days I would really like to share that, but I’m a big chicken about having people recognize me out in the world. The blogs I most enjoy all have pictures of their writers and families, etc., so it’s something I think about all the time. I will have to do some heavy thinking about the other questions you raise. Thank you for taking the time to ask these things. I really appreciate it!

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