More Awkward Self Portraits

I’ve been trying to write all day, but I can’t concentrate.

The school called about fifteen minutes after I left the little boy this morning.

The nurse said he was “retching” and had a fever.  Oy.

I canceled my plans for the day and picked him up.

We stopped at the store to get Motrin just in case there was none in the cupboard.

We went to my friend’s house to let her dog out for a moment.  (Normally I would take him for a full walk, but not today.)

We stopped at Target to get the little boy a snack and then we went home.

I took his temperature when we got in.  It was NORMAL.

And he hasn’t retched or acted sick all day.  Hmm.  😐

I suspect the noise the nurse heard was standard issue autism vocals, but who knows?

I’m relieved that he’s okay, but somehow I feel kind of duped.

I had to cancel lunch with a friend and I needed the exercise from the dog walking.  😦  Sigh.  Oh well.

I was hoping to write something spectacular today, but I have this busy little four-foot distraction following me around now.

I took more awkward photos instead.  😀

I’d say that I’m shocked by how bloodshot my eyes are in these pix, but I would be lying…


10 thoughts on “More Awkward Self Portraits

  1. A few years ago I got into a fight with the daycare director. She called and said Joe had a fever and was sick. She insisted I come and pick him up. I explained he was teething and he was fine and to just give him a bit of motrin. I ended up going down there and by the time I got there is had no fever and was totally happy. I swear some schools just try to get rid of kiddies so they don’t have to deal with it! Needless to say I did NOT take him home.

  2. Just thought I would mention, my mom says, after forwarding the pics from our “elementary school lunch”, that “Becky looks very young, in fact, she looks the youngest’…………. I am jealous………LOl!

  3. We actually had a kid that found every excuse to go to the nurse’s office. He usually wasn’t sick – just wanted attention. It was highly annoying to the mom – me. I have to say though, he did have some unusual maladies as a child: hoof and mouth disease (yeah, cows get it but so do humans), strange rashes that were never diagnosed, pneumonia twice. This “kid” is now 23 years old, 6 foot one and 240 pounds. So I guess we had the reverse situation of your experience today. Glad Thomas is fine.

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