Oh, my stomach…

My stomach hurts all the time.

Last night, I think I concluded that it really is from stress.

I thought I was feeling better a few hours after dinner and then husband and I had this really frustrating conversation about nutella.  😐  Don’t ask.

Our comments went in circles.  Within a few moments, I was completely exasperated.

I finally had to stop talking and take a deep breath.

Husband could tell I was done.

He even apologized, but there was no need for that.

It was a dumb conversation and we both took part.

I realized when we ended it that my stomach was hurting worse than it had all day.

Stomach knots go well with my bloodshot eyes, puffy cheeks, bad hair and fog brain.

Autism fog brain.

Nutella fog brain.

Other fog brain.

Just fog brain.

Earlier today, I took my friend’s dog for a walk.

When we left, it was sunny and crisp with bits of blue between the big white puffy clouds over the mountain to the north.

I guess I didn’t take enough notice of the giant gray thunderstorm blowing up from the south.

About a 1/2 mile from my friend’s house it started pouring – really pouring.  😦

I pulled my hood up over my head and scrunched myself down into my jacket and tried to hide from it, but then I looked at the dog.

He was prancing with his head held high and his forward momentum growing.

I think he liked the rain.

I pulled my hood back down, unzipped my jacket a bit and followed his lead.

Maybe embracing the crazy weather outside would help with the crazy weather in my head.

We got drenched, absolutely soaked to the skin, but it was exhilarating.

I definitely got a much better workout after abandoning all hair-do protecting instincts.  😀

The walk helped clear some fog, but my stomach still kind of hurts.

Now I’m home and dry and the little boy is here with me.

The rain has stopped and it’s almost time to make dinner.

Can’t decide what to put on my stress belly.


Veggie burger?



Leftover Nestle Crunch Eggs?

A vacation?

What do you think?

For your delight, here is a website that has been cracking up the husband this week.

For your sweet tooth, here is something I tried out to calm my gut yesterday.  It worked beautifully for a while.

Oh, and something else!  One of the loveliest people I know became a teenager today…

Happy Birthday, Holly Polliwog!
(And welcome to the front seat. :D)
I love you!


One thought on “Oh, my stomach…

  1. I loved the line about crazy weather outside and inside….and yes, I firmly believe we should take many cues for a happy life from our dogs. 🙂
    And Happy Birthday Holly….I remember when you were born…and gosh…you have grown into a lovely young lady..:)

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