This and that…

Husband left the house at 5:30 a.m.

He was headed down to County Supervisor Ron Roberts’ Eleventh Annual Lawnmower Trade-in event.

I thought 5:30 was so early, but Mr. Roberts tweeted that person number 100 got in line at 5:15!

Never thought I’d care about someone’s tweets!  😀

The event starts at 8:00 a.m.

Sure hope hubby gets a mower.

I hate the gas-powered monster that we bought when we moved into the house ten years ago.

I’ve never used it.

I am 100% girl when it comes to that thing – it’s icky, you know?

The new one will be clean and purrrrty.

Had lunch with my brothers yesterday.

I rarely get to do that.

I love listening to the two of them talk shop.

One works for the city and the other for a large commercial plumbing company, so their careers overlap in some interesting places.

I always hear something from them that I never knew before.

I took my son along, since he was home from school again yesterday.  (Insert heavy sigh.)  It wasn’t ideal, but we managed.

My brother likes Prime Rib, so we went to The Butcher Shop, kind of a gentleman’s dimly lit steakhouse.

I felt very mom-ish in there.

The service was excellent and the onions rings were tasty.  😀  I had them with a Caesar salad.

The little boy ate a pack of peanut butter crackers and a couple of croutons.

He was a little bit squirmy, but he’s had a few rough weeks.

Today, I met a few girlfriends for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

I think I figured out that it has been over two years since I last saw these ladies.

Not gonna wait that long again in the future!

We blabbed for two and half hours before one of us looked at the time & realized we all had to go.

Except for an odd and somewhat incapacitating allergic response that lodged itself in the right side of my face for the duration of the meal, it was a lot of fun!

Achoo!  Blink, blink, achoo!  😐

It was great to see you, ladies!

Husband is now outside doing some yard work and waiting for the new cordless lawn mower to charge up.

As predicted, it’s beautiful.  Can you be in love with a lawn mower?

Well, I love my husband for getting up and making that his mission today.

Now I can mow too!

He’s ripping up the yard quite seriously this week.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but it makes him happy and there are flowers everywhere, so I’m on board.

The little boy is sitting here next to me and playing Galaga, an old style arcade game from my childhood!

I remember hanging out at the SpeeDee Mart a few blocks from our house and playing Asteroids on a stand alone machine when I was his age.

My brothers were better at it than I was.  Ha!

So funny that my kid likes it too.

Maybe he will grow up to be like them.

That would be okay with me.

There’s not much else to tell you.

Kind of quiet Saturday afternoon.

I’m sure there will be some foggy storm to report come Monday morning.

See you then!

P.S.  Some things I really love…

this soup

this hand cream

this Ben & Jerry’s flavor

and this:


7 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. My vote is for the Boots hand cream too! I applied it at 2pm and my skin still looks and feels moisturized!

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