I was right about the autism fog storm I predicted for Monday morning.

It was pretty bad, but it’s Tuesday now and I don’t feel like elaborating.


New topic.

Stephanie Nielson made another video.

Though I have no personal interest in her church, I appreciate the strength and perseverance it motivates in her.  Stephanie’s life is full of challenges and she faces them with grace and humor.

Please do not interpret my links as a recommendation (or condemnation) of Mormon ideologies.  I’m linking strictly mom-to-mom.  That’s it.

I find Stephanie absolutely fascinating and truly inspirational and I hope sincerely that you do too.  Go here to read her blog.

The little boy has made several trips up and down the stairs in the last few minutes.  He keeps getting fresh sheets of card stock from my stationery file and then disappearing into his room.

I can hear his little boy scissors working some kind of magic up there, but I’m nervous to investigate.  Only in the last few weeks have I begun to allow marking pen and scissor action where I can’t see it happening.

Oh, how I hope I haven’t made an error in judgment with that!

Let’s go see.

Okay.  Not sure what to make of it.

At least the scissors appear to have cut only paper and not books or tablecloths like in the past.  😐

My child is a little bit bored this afternoon.  (The reason I required three hours to finish two paragraphs of this post.)

I have offered every snack, game, book, video, and activity I can think of.

He doesn’t want to leave the house.

He has no interest in the backyard or his legos.

He doesn’t want to draw or cut out animal pictures from the latest ZooNews.

He doesn’t want to cuddle or sing or read.

He’s just twirly, jumpy, pacing bored.

So I’ve sacrificed eloquent, organized writing and about ten sheets of perfectly nice card stock for an undirected project.

Oh well.

It’s Wednesday morning now and way too early to be sitting at the computer.

The little boy woke up laughing at 4:45 a.m.





I want to sleep.



At least he’s not having a tantrum, right?

After last night’s card stock depletion, he started drawing pictures on his dry erase board – chicken stars and a milk carton.

Apparently he changed his mind about leaving the house.

We went to Carl’s Jr. at 7:15 on a weeknight.  Yikes.

But he ate and that’s always good – no matter what it is.

We were out too late, but he did everything I asked when we got home.

Miraculously, he got to bed early.

Full stomach and timely turn-in = happy hello the next morning.

Wish that happened all the time.  Sigh.

Today is our long day.

I have to pick him up early and drive him across town to see his private psychologist.

If we get out of her office on time we just miss the worst of the commute traffic.

It still gets us back to our neighborhood after five.

Everything is a rush on Wednesdays.


This post is long and losing real direction.

Maybe it never had any.

My apologies.


My stomach is growling.

Gotta get some cheerios now.

See you tomorrow.

P.S.  Tried this yesterday.  Really coconutty.  For me, that’s a plus.  Yum.  Soooo good.  Of course, I smashed a few miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter cups into it…

P.P.S.  It just started raining.  I love that.


6 thoughts on “Coconutting

  1. I think the paper trail was more than random. Sort of Mondrian, or organic, or lyrical, or . . . . where was I? Ah yes, he is a collage artist!

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