Little Piles

I hijacked the first few minutes of my son’s session with the psychologist today.

Lots to talk about.  I needed her input.

While we chatted, my son played by himself behind me.

Her office is like a well stocked toy store, so he is quite happy when he gets a rare chance to choose for himself.

Today he made little piles of this and that.

As we concluded our conversation, the doctor asked me if he did much of that at home.

I think I laughed out loud.

Had I not told her about that before?

“Yeah, all the time.”  I said.

She explained that he had done it last week as well.

(I had borrowed some of his minutes then too.)

Apparently she had a tough time breaking into that play once I’d left the room.

She said he seemed very purposeful and determined and didn’t really want her to touch anything or take part.

I guess she hadn’t really seen that before.


It’s standard operating procedure around this place.

Can’t believe we never made her aware of it.

He’s always making little piles of things…

lego, playdoh can, stuffed dog

marking pen, shoe, train track

pencil, cardboard block, chair

He doesn’t seem to notice when things have been moved and put away during the night, but touching the stuff while it’s still in play is a big frustrating no-no.

He doesn’t like when we do that.  And he’s really bewildered when another kid does it.

It’s extremely difficult to disengage him from a preferred solitary activity and to then re-engage him in shared play.

He just doesn’t wanna, you know?

Not sure why I’m giving you all this detail.

My point is that his little piles have always seemed kind of random and meaningless to us, but we are aware they make sense to him.

I explained that to the doctor today and she understood and felt the same.

That’s why this bunch of piles seemed so interesting to us tonight:

In case you can’t quite see it…

3 = 2 + 1

So much for random.

Clever little boy.


4 thoughts on “Little Piles

  1. I love it! This is a good example that there is so much going on in his brain that we don’t always get to see.

  2. And he did the equation backwards! You and Scott (and the good doctor) are going to have to pay more attention now to the little piles! This is fascinating.

  3. OMG! I feel so dumb! I just thought it looked cool, and figured he thought that too……….what a clever little guy!!!!

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