Doughnuts, Cheese and a Flower

I took the boy to Crispy’s doughnut shop this morning.

I was supposed to be sleeping in, but I guess my brain has finally adjusted to the early weekday wake up schedule.

Now, well, it just doesn’t feel right to stay in bed when the sun has already been up and working hard for hours.


Not quite a dozen.

Hand picked box.

One big flaky croissant too.

(Crispy’s makes THE BEST croissants, but you have to get there early if you want one!)

We each ate a doughnut in the car.

The boy likes glazed twists.

I had a chocolate frosted cake doughnut with peanuts – delish.

Husband was still asleep when we got home, so I put the box on the counter for him to find.

I got distracted by some chores down the hall and the little boy went upstairs to play in his room.

A few minutes later, I returned to the kitchen and found a toy truck on the counter.  Uh oh.

And then I looked inside the box.

Poor maple bar.

It never had a chance.

Nice of the boy to leave us the puffy carcass.  😀

Gotta love those crumbs.  Click for a close-up!

Say “cheese!”

P.S.  Look what the husband made happen in our front yard:

Have I told you how much I LOVE that guy? 🙂

Fitting it’s a passion flower.


2 thoughts on “Doughnuts, Cheese and a Flower

  1. I recognize that lil truck……….and the doughnuts look just like it…………… Thomas! What an imaginative mind!

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