Terrible Morning

Yes, awful.

The little boy has known all weekend that today is a school day.

When I reminded him this morning, you’d think he had never heard it before.

Blood curdling scream.

And another.

Four or five more before we left the house.

Thankfully, no screams in the car.

I get an instant headache and an eye twitch when he does that.

About five more screams from the car to the playground.

One scream freaked out the kid in line next to him.

And it freaked out the kid’s mother even more.

She pulled her kid away and kept him close.

Of course, she might have been more worried about my son’s uncontrolled arm flailing and tantrum shakes.

Who knows?

The last scream was a real doozie.

It was during the pledge of allegiance and everyone – everyone – heard it.

Kids all around were startled and making comments.

I took him out of line and behind the nearest wall.

His teacher found us there.

I told her I didn’t know what to do, but that I felt I couldn’t let him get out of school.

“I’m afraid he’ll never come back if I let him go home right now.”

She agreed.

I left her trying to physically wrangle him toward the now empty playground.

I made it to the end of the building before I got the big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

And I got all the way to the car before I started sobbing.

Hey, that’s better than last Monday.  Right?

Woohoo.  😐

4 thoughts on “Terrible Morning

  1. Oh, that is the worst. There’s nothing worse than leaving a screaming child at school but you can’t very well take them home even if you’d like to. Having a teacher have to pull a child out of your arms is something you never forget. I’ve been there and empathize. Mondays suck.

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