Better Mood and a New Obsession

The little boy was in a better mood this morning.

He didn’t want to go to school, but he was a bit more cooperative getting dressed and out the door.

When we arrived, he wouldn’t get out of the car, so I had to lift him.  That made him mad.  He refused to walk in with me, so I put my arm around his back to propel him forward.  That made him even madder, but we got to the line without a scream.  That’s something, right?

I stayed after the bell to observe him.  The teacher and the principal both knew I was watching from the hallway behind the classroom.  All of the kids knew it too.  Each one of them said something or pointed in my direction.  They were all completely distracted by the sight of me through the little window in the back door.  Well, you know, all of them except my kid.  My little boy had no clue that I was there and even less clue that the others were talking to him or at him or about him.

He was the last child to enter the room.  The teacher poked her head into the hall to tell me that he didn’t want to come inside and that the aide was taking him for a quick walk.

“Is that typical for him?” I asked.

She kind of chuckled and sighed at the same time and told me “No, actually this is new.”

It’s always something.  He tests the limits.  He didn’t come in for almost ten minutes.  It figures.  I could only stay for another twenty.

I did see a couple of things that I will discuss with the teacher and tomorrow I will observe him again, but at a later time.

His IEP meeting is scheduled for Thursday morning.

I used to dread the IEP meetings.  On some level, I still do.  We all still do.  Completing a long, complicated form when eight people are holding the pencil?  Tedious.  Exhausting. Rarely completed in one session.  Blech.

However, it’s not often that any parents (special needs or other) get to sit with a panel of educators assembled for the sole purpose of figuring out what is best for their kid.  The IEP meetings are long, fatiguing and sometimes confrontational, but they’re also a privilege, you know?  Or at least, that’s what I tell myself to get through them.  Ha!  😀 😐  I have perfected a chuckle/sigh combo of my own.

Our meeting will be attended by a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, an adaptive p.e. teacher, a member of the district autism team, the school psychologist, the teacher and an administrator.  Last year the principal came too.  Oh, and little old me.  Yup.  I’ll be there.  Maybe even with bells on.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, you can look at the beautiful flowers husband gave me on Friday – an early Mother’s Day gift:

And you can share in the goofiness of my latest obsession, iron-ons!  I’ve done four different shirts for the little boy so far.  He seems to like putting on letters.  I’ll post pictures as he wears them.

There is a t-shirt shop on Broadway in Chula Vista that sells plain kids tees at four for $10.  You can iron on your own (I did) or have them do it for you.  Lots of colors and sizes and other stuff too – bandanas, socks, sweats.  Cheap.  Such a deal.

They listen to Rush Limbaugh in their shop.  Hate that, but what are you gonna do?

Happy Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “Better Mood and a New Obsession

  1. We went through the “make your own t-shirt” phase too! The boys made up skate teams or rock band names and we ironed those on. It was fun. Love “T for Thomas”!

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