Quickie before the weekend

The moms are in town – husband’s and mine – so probably not a lot of chance to write in the next few days.

There will likely be a trip (or two) to See’s Candies.

Husband’s brother and family will join us for Sunday lunch.

Cupcakes will probably happen.  And brie might appear.

Thought I’d scribble off a quick post this afternoon before I try to whip the house in shape.

Can’t let all these people who love us know that we’re actually filthy dirty pigs.  Ha!

The IEP meeting is over.

Woohoo!  😀

I stand by my assertion that it is as much a privilege as it is drudgery, but I had to fight to keep that in mind considering the unreliable cycling of the A/C today.

Eight bodies, small room, only so much oxygen, you know?

Everyone was very prepared and got right down to business.  I was impressed.  IEP’s don’t always go that way.

Last year’s meeting was an exercise in social torture for everyone involved!  😦

We were directed by the district to decide as a team during the meeting whether or not to move my son back to his old school.

Everyone went through the paces of goal setting, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but no one ever mentioned that elephant in the room.

I finally had to say it.  To the entire group.  Including to the teacher we didn’t like.

She got very quiet and later told me she was extremely upset that we wanted to pull him from her class.

To this day, I regret not making that decision more quietly and informing her alone.  Should have gone with my gut.

Of course, if I’d done that, he’d never have been in her class in the first place.

That meeting must have sucked for her.

But, the bottom line is that her classroom sucked for my son.  He was more at risk there than he has been anywhere.

I took him home right after that IEP meeting, in the middle of the school day, and I never made him go back.

Today’s meeting was much better.  🙂  Everyone had the same things in mind.

Each member of the team wrote a couple of great goals and addressed all of my concerns.

My comments and questions were received well and incorporated immediately.

It really couldn’t have gone any better this time.  😀

The big let down for all parents this year is the impending death of the district autism team.

Last night I attended a very heated meeting about phasing them out.  Suffice it to say, there were some extremely upset parents in attendance.

I’m not thrilled about it myself, but what can you do?  There simply is not enough money in the budget to buy everything we want for our kids.  That’s just a cold, hard reality.

The autism team was painted way too thin anyway.  The district’s autistic community has grown over 300% in the last ten years.  Something had to change.

I’m not even sure that doubling the team size would have helped and there definitely wasn’t money for that.

It’s truly a shame that these highly skilled individuals will not be available to provide social services and behavioral interventions like they have in the past.  They were very instrumental in addressing my son’s behavior issues in Kindergarten.  I will be forever grateful.

I am sad that we won’t have the group to fall back on should he experience another tumultuous time in his schooling.  The plan is to milk their skills in the next several months and upload them to every other teacher and staff member in the district.  Many of the parents see this as a ridiculous gesture to buy our silence, but I actually think this cross-training is way over due and extremely important.

My kid’s social skill and behavioral needs will still be addressed.  We certainly didn’t omit any goals in those areas from his IEP, but the responsibility for implementing them will fall on the teacher for the most part.  That’s tough.  Teachers already do so much.

My son will still have a one-to-one aide for all times of the day when he is transitioning from one task to another, using the restroom, going to lunch and recess, etc.  He will have the aide for worktable activities too, but he will be sharing her with one to two other students at that time.  That’s what is currently in place now and it seems to work.

At my request, we also added language to the IEP to ensure that my son will never be allowed to leave the classroom without adult supervision.  Certainly, this is a commitment the school makes very naturally right now.  He is still just a baby really, but as he gets older and appears more independent and mature, we can see the need to have that commitment in writing.

Whew!  Didn’t mean to bore you with the nitty gritty.  If you’ve read this far, you deserve something fun to end your day.

Go here to visit one of my favorite bloggers for a little chuckle-chortle.

Thanks for listening!

Here’s my latest effort to get a candid shot of my son:

Have a great weekend!


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