Laziness Trumps Vanity

I renewed my driver’s license online today.

It was sooo easy – maybe a little too easy.

When I realized it would only take me five minutes, I suddenly didn’t care about my hideous picture.

What’s another four years of hiding my i.d. from everyone, right?

I can do it.  To avoid going to the DMV in person?  You bet!

So, yeah, laziness trumps vanity.  😀

Or, maybe skilled time management trumps vanity.

Either way, I’m done and will soon have another four years of ugly in my wallet.

It was a nutty week with the little boy.

I thought we were back on track with school, but his emotional upset reared it’s screaming head again this week.

We’ve had two good mornings and two bad mornings.

Can’t wait to see which way the scale tips tomorrow.

Last night he had a big fat tantrum.

He lobbed a toy into the air and knocked husband’s drink all over the keyboard.

That was fabulous.

Husband was not amused.

The little boy calmed down a little later and I even got him to come out of his room to apologize to daddy, but it made for a stressful night.

Small wonder that he didn’t want to leave the house this morning.

Sometimes I think he’s trying for a do-over of something from the day before.


Right now, he’s happy and calm and has eaten enough to fall asleep okay.

I’m just gonna enjoy that for a moment if you don’t mind.

Count with me…





Okay, moving on.

Are you watching the final season of 24?

What?  Too violent, you say?  Yeah, me too.  But I’m hooked.  HOOKED.

They actually used the word “eviscerated” on Monday’s episode.  Blech.

And yeah, somebody was eviscerated.  Nice, Jack.  Thanks.  😐

Seriously though, I know how I want the show to end and I’m getting more and more stressed out by it as it winds down.

Jack Bauer is a killer, a former government operative gone completely rogue, but I want him to get the girl, you know?

Of course, she died a few episodes ago, so making that happen will take some twisty plotting.

I have permanently suspended my disbelief for this show.

Feel free to go back and skip this paragraph if you’re not a fan.

Next topic, please.

Husband cooked some chicken the other day.

He seasoned the heck out of it and has been reheating pieces for dinner each night this week.

Why am I telling you this?

Because one of the seasonings is cayenne pepper and it has just lodged its spicy vapors solidly in my nose and throat.

Ho Boy!  Cayenne PeppAH!  Woowee.  Aye aye aye.

Okay, I’m out.

P.S.  The little boy just had a king size meltdown.  He screamed.  I yelled.  He screamed again and chucked my purse across the room.  My unzipped purse.  Oh joy.  It made me mad.  I ranted to husband.  I cried a little bit too.  Mostly to myself and now to you.

The boy will grow up and leave one day and I will become the story that elicits sympathy from his friends.  And I will be okay with that because he will be talking and laughing and having a life.

Happy Thursday.


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