Monday.  Harumphhh.

Miraculously, the little boy woke up, ate something, got dressed and got out the door on time, without complaint!

He was even smiling!  Yippee!

Can you hear the angels singing?  Aaaah aaaaaaaahh.  (Sing those ahs like you’re an angel.)

I buckled him in, tossed the backpack onto the front seat, hopped in myself and stuck the key in the ignition.

click click click click and zilch

Dead battery.  Because it had to be something, right?

The little boy looked confused.

Car troubles have been few and far between for us and not once have they prevented us from actually leaving the garage.

(Get a Nissan if you ever want to say that yourself.)


I can’t possibly take my child to school without a single hitch.  Nope.

Life would just be too easy.


You can see where I’m headed with this.  Yup.  Tears.

I’m so easily defeated.

No wait, really that’s not true.

The tears are always short-lived (just a quick coping skill) and then I get right back to whatever hurdle is in front of me.

Husband rushed his shower and took the boy to school.

I called my friend to tell her I couldn’t walk her dog today.

I had to leave a message, so I don’t know how that announcement affected her.

I can only imagine it was as discombobulating to her as the dead battery was to me.

Guilt.  And a little sadness because I love the dog and need the walk.  Oh well.

I called AAA.  They said someone from Angelo’s Towing & AAA Battery Service would be here soon.

They weren’t kidding.

The guy arrived, diagnosed the problem and put in a new battery in less than 30 minutes!

And he was polite and professional.  Stupendous!

I called my friend – I get to see the dog after all.

And somewhere in there my mom called and wants to treat me to lunch today.

I reminded her that she didn’t want to spend any money, but she informed me that she made a little detour to Viejas on her way home yesterday.

She didn’t win big, but she won enough and she claims it’s worth the price of lunch to spend some time with me.

(Don’t tell her I said so, but I kinda like spending time with her too.)

Anyhoo, the husband called just now.

It seems the school drop-off went as well as it could have given the confusion of switching cars and saying bye to Mommy in the driveway.

Poor child.  I think he spends a great portion of his life having no idea what the heck is going on.

I sort of feel like that myself.

Happy Monday!  😀


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