Motherhood is a lot like the military.

Sometimes, you just follow orders…

“Mama make the white vanilla cake.”

“Mama make green yoyo frosting and pink chip dots.”

“Mama make a green “T” for Thomas.”

“Mama make a pink “T” on a green “T.”

“Mama make a heart.”

“Mama make nuh-ver heart.”

“Thomas eat green yoyo white vanilla cake wiff pink chip dots.”

“Thomas eat a “T” for Thomas.”

He wore that heart on his sleeve…

“Mama give a nuh-ver yoyo frosting vanilla cake to Thomas.”

The ensuing gigglefest…

And the coma after that…

Even a yawn…

Thank goodness for Monsters, Inc!

What can I say?  It’s the last day of second grade.

What better time for cupcakes, comas, naps and monsters?

Happy Tuesday!  😀

Check out bocky bakes for a new post today!


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