Pajamas, I hear you calling

Probably I’m just not a good mom.

Or at least, I’m not as good at evening parenting as the husband is.

For the past two hours, we have been outside watching the little boy draw with chalk and ride laps around the house on his big wheel.

Every few minutes, he turns and heads down the driveway to the sidewalk.

Then he pedals a few houses down the street and turns around.

I keep setting boundaries.

He keeps going past them.

I’m wearing crappy shoes and can’t really chase him.

It is stressing me out.

And I’m tired and there’s nowhere to sit down out there.

We dragged a few of our dining chairs to the porch, but they’re not really comfortable, you know?  (And don’t even get me started on the classiness of that.  Why the heck is it we don’t own proper lawn furniture?)

I just want to go inside and put on my pajamas.

I know it’s only 7:00 p.m. and the sun is far from set for the night, but I want to relax.

I just want to sit the heck down and relax.

I have been up since 6:30 and had no break to speak of.

Get up, shower, dry hair, dress.

Feed cats, feed child, dress child, negotiate with child.

Go to store to get child a preferred snack.

Take child to school.  Stay an hour.

Come home, inhale cheerios I didn’t have time to eat before school.

Drive to friend’s house, walk dog, drive home.

Say quick hello to vacationing husband as he heads out the door for a bike ride.

Drive back to school, pick up child, drive home.

Make salad and re-heat mac-n-cheese for late lunch.

Get back in car, run three errands, drive home.

Whine.  Whine.  Whine.

And now this.

The never-ending pajama prohibition.

Outside.  On my feet.  For two hours.

My back feels achy.

My feet hurt.

I quit.

With no apology, I left the other parent to the parenting.

Now, here I am talking to you.


I’m going to the county fair with my mom tomorrow.

I’m sure that will help the back and the feet immensely.

Anything for miniature doughnuts and Aussie potatoes, right?

Yeah, so, what else?  Hmm….

My nephew’s mom severed her achilles tendon yesterday.

Surgery last night.  No driving for two or three months.

Yikes!  Reality check.  That sucks more than my day.

And well, that’s about it.

Except that it isn’t.

This has been a long, draining week for some reason, but tomorrow, I’ll be at the fair.

And on Saturday, I get to see two close friends for dinner.

Maybe on Sunday I will tell you some highlights from the week.

In the meantime…

go here to see a few minutes of the little boy’s typical behavior,  here to see big wheel action and here to jump for simple joys.  😀

Happy Thursday!

P.S.  Just thought you’d like to know that we have nachos for breakfast when we’re on vacation.


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