Glad I’m not somebody important

This guy I used to know is dating an important woman.

Or at least, the internet says she’s important.

I just read a short bio on her company website and I am duly impressed with her accomplishments and acclaim.

For the last twenty minutes I’ve been thinking about my own stellar achievements (or gross lack thereof) and I’ve been feeling a little melancholy.

Why is it I’m not a high powered corporate lady professional with a ten page resume and suits made of silk?

I know I’m not stupid, but I don’t know stuff – political stuff, world affairs and cultural stuff – not like this chick does.

And not like the guy who used to be my friend does.

Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that he keeps company with someone like this woman.

She is clearly successful.  Thin too, darn her.  😐

So yeah, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why I am who I am, and not who she is.

And you know what?

I figured it out.  🙂

My son, who is sitting a foot away on his own computer, just announced the afternoon activities…

“Uh oh, I made a fart.”

And friends, it cracked me up.  No pun intended.

I’m sorry if it offends.  I really am, but it’s funny to me.  Farts are funny.

And I can say that, because I don’t wear a silk suit and I don’t have to be respectable to anyone but myself and my family.

Crass, cheap, ridiculous potty humor?  I’m there.  We’re there.

Really, thank goodness I’m not somebody important.

That snickering laugh I just had with my kid was the best thing ever.

Sharing it with you all and no concern over who is reading it?  A close second, for sure.

Oh, and to the lady ladies who read me…

I am teaching the boy not to talk of such things in public.

I’ll take all the credit for that.

Happy Friday.  😀


6 thoughts on “Glad I’m not somebody important

  1. Love this. . .see you figured it out all on your own. I once thought I’d be that professional woman with expensive clothes, car, shoes, etc. . .It didn’t work out, Thank God. I love your potty mouth humor. Keeps us grounded.

  2. You know how I feel about fart humor and all other crass humor so I shan’t comment on that. What I will say is that Thomas needs YOU as his mother and if you were some high faluttin’ (sp?) lady in silk suits he wouldn’t be where he is today. Smooch!

  3. You are EXTREMELY important to a great number of people. Silk suits, YUCK. You know darn well that something would get dribbled on them! As for the humor bit – well, I, like Sarah, shan’t comment. You are loved.

  4. Farts are funny! They r natural and sometimes even musical! LOL and u r someone important….u r a wife and a mother..neither of which are easy roles to uphold and do well. doesn’t matter what u r wearing or how thin u r …u r raising another important person for the world to know…..and that job is harder than any corporate gig out there. happy Saturday!

  5. I would bet that the silk suit lady laughs at potty humor, too. Also, we all have equally important jobs in this life; hers just happens to be high-profile. Yay for all women!

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