Almost Eight

Birthday boy has a party tomorrow.

Hard to believe he was ever this little.

(Or that I was ever so willing to be photographed with such tragic bangs.  It’s new mom bliss and I was sleep deprived.)

Anyway, I don’t feel like cleaning the house.

It’s mostly family and close friends anyway, so what do I care?

Except that I do.

And I’m overwhelmed by the chaos of three cats, one almost-eight-year-old, makeshift furniture, too many possessions and never ending laundry.  Same as usual.

Maybe I’ll just make a coffee date and sip my cares away with a friend instead.  After all, my birthday just happened too.

No, wait, can’t do that.  Gotta walk the pooch at 10:30.

This pooch:

That reminds me, I picked up the other dog leg last night.  Nasty.  You saw the pic.  I won’t share what the blur obscured.  Suffice it to say, not my favorite task.

I really wouldn’t even have bothered.  I would have left it for the birds or the returning predator to drag away, but my brain filled with an image of my friend’s daughters returning from vacation and happening upon it the next day.    It was right across the street from their dad’s house.  Darn it!  Had to pick it up.  Blech.

I confused the heck out of the little boy by handing him the leash and telling him to stay put while I walked thirty yards away and performed this curious task.  The dog looked as befuddled as he did.  The two of them stared at me quite seriously, but, obediently, they remained frozen.

Glad that’s done.

With luck, we’ll find no new remains today.

Not holding my breath though.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world.  Ha!

Okay, moving on.

Way past this.

Or maybe back to the party.

The little boy has such simple tastes.

We’re renting a jumpy, ordering pizza and letting him run through the sprinkler with his cousins and a couple of friends.  Woohoo.

Yeah, so why do I think I need to clean the house?  It will be full of kids anyway.  Kids don’t generally concern themselves with keeping order.

Okay then, officially letting it go.  Come on over and see our chaos.  😀

Have a nice weekend and come back on Monday to see a couple of birthday pix.

Happy Friday!

P.S  Here’s the boy at his very first birthday party:


7 thoughts on “Almost Eight

  1. I LOVE that picture of my Grandson!!! And the one of you with the new baby is pretty appealing also, no matter what you think. Forget cleaning the house. We are coming to watch the little boy have fun.

    Thank you for picking up the doggie remains. I just keep thinking what agonies the poor little creature must have suffered. I HATE coyotes! Be very careful when you walk Bentley.

    See you soon.

  2. Swipe the bathroom, do the dishes – done! I tend to sweat over the house cleaning, too, and frankly, nobody ever even notices. I agree with your mom – have fun with the birthday!

  3. I so love the photos you posted! Especially you, completely in bliss over your precious boy. Moments like those keep us breathing, moving and enduring..Happy Birthday Thomas Delson!!!!

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