Buh Bye Summer

We were supposed to go to Legoland today, but we changed our minds.

Didn’t want to commit the time, the money, or the miles to the car.

Instead, we spent a painful morning at Pump It Up for a psychedelic-rainbow-black-light-disco-ball-rap-music-open-jump-session headache.

The old crappy phone takes horrible pictures, but you get the idea.

The little boy loved it.  He loved it.

I did not.

Neither did the Grandma sitting next me.  And the moms across the room, they didn’t look that excited either.

The music was LOUD, but all the kids had a good time.  😀

That’s all that counts, because tomorrow is school again.

When we left, the little boy was tuckered out, sweaty and craving chocolate milk.

We stopped at Ralph’s to get a few things and now we’re home, earlier than I expected, and without further commitment.  That feels very relaxing to me.

Now if I only had the motivation to clear the house of its post birthday chaos.

You know what I mean…that piece of wrapping paper under the table, the dead balloons in the corner, the Uncle Sam hat hanging off the banister…stuff.

The extra recycling items are the biggest problem.  Our can is full.  FULL, with four days to go.  😦

Now there are three paper Trader Joe’s bags shoved full and wedged between the wall and the trash bin.  Not so pretty.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Or the next day.

Today, I’m going to concentrate on the little boy.

And maybe I’ll stare at this flower that I just potted in the old ice cream bucket.

Happy Tuesday!

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