The little boy had a couple of decent days at school, so my stress level is back down to simmer.

The new teacher is tiny, motivated and full of enthusiasm.  I hope she can keep her focus when things get rough with my kid, because they will get rough, and he’s almost as big as she is.

I let go of the guilt I was feeling over the fact that he missed the first day of third grade.

My friend kept her son home on Wednesday too.  That made me feel better.  Or at least, it made me feel less isolated.

Our boys have a lot in common.  Though they attend different schools now, they are both autistic and enrolled in special day classes with full-time one-to-one aides.

Each has a unique set of behavioral issues and developmental delays, but both require constant supervision and extra help in the areas of speech and occupational therapy as well as adaptive p.e. and general social skills development.

Small wonder that we moms became fast friends.  😀  I sometimes feel more connected to her than to anyone else, simply because of the commonalities in our parenting experiences.  She just gets it, you know?


I am tired this weekend.  Tired and a little melancholy, for some reason.

It’s probably post birthday slow down – not just my b-day, but everybody’s!

There is one last little celebration blip on the radar this month – cake for my mom tomorrow night – and then we’re done.

Well, we’re done except for a shout out to my friend in Washington state next week, but that’s not quite as involved.  (Happy almost birthday, Deidre!  :D)


I need ice cream.  Now.  Mint chip.  On a cone.  A sugar cone.

Focus?  Gone.

Blurry?  Yes.

Bleary?  Yes.

Bad camera phone?  Check.

With my hair up like that, I look like a boy.  😐  Sigh.

Happy Saturday!  🙂


7 thoughts on “Weekender

  1. You just look like the beautiful Becky that I’ve known since you were a very small child. And, frankly, the hair off your face makes you look a lot younger. Enjoy!!!!

  2. I have a name for your possible melancholia –I call it “Day After Christmas Syndrome”. After an event, activity,or company for which I’ve planned for a long time, I usually have that feeling. I think yours occured after all the birthdays and summer vacation stuff that is now over.

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