Welcome to our world.

My mom went with me to pick up the little boy from school today.

She usually waits in the car, but this time we walked in together so she could meet the new teacher and the aide.

I’m not sure what she would tell you about the experience if you asked her, but I will tell you that it was a red card day.

My son had a meltdown over a dry erase board or something and ended up hitting the aide in the stomach.

The very pregnant aide.

In the stomach.

Probably no significant harm done, but she said she feels bruised and was directed by the school to see her doctor this afternoon.

Good advice.  I would have told her the same thing.

I asked her if she feels unsafe being my son’s aide.

She said when he gets angry, that yes, she does.

Big surprise.  In her shoes, I would feel like that too.

The teacher walked up just then and we spoke about what to do going forward.

I want the aide to be protected from my child’s behaviors.

She agreed that this aide cannot be the one to handle him during his tantrums.

Another aide in the classroom will do that from now on.

It always breaks my heart to hear these things, but I am now well self-programmed to move immediately to the solution.

It caught me off guard to see my mother welling up as she listened to all of this.

I cry constantly, but not when I’m in the trenches listening to the status report.  No time for it then.

Gotta stay sharp and focused for at least those few moments each day.

I can cry on the way to my car, harder when I get there, and still more at 4:00 a.m.

For my mom, I think that was like a surprise emotional boot camp.

She did a good job biting it back until we walked away too, but it definitely seemed to bother her.

Welcome to our world, Mama!

It’s not easy, but we will be okay.

I swear.  😀


2 thoughts on “Welcome to our world.

  1. I cry because I am so frightened for my Grandson. I am frightened that he will really hurt someone someday and that they will punish him as if he knew what he was doing. I am frightened for my child (you) because of the life you must lead taking care of my Grandson. I love you both and I hurt. I cry a lot. I am crying right now.

  2. No, your world is not easy, but you and Scott are absolutely the best parents for Thomas. He is a lucky little boy. We grandmas can only look on in awe as you travel the unknown path on which Thomas is leading you. I share your Mother’s fears with respect to his tantrums, but know that you are there to anchor him. Thank you.

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