c you real soon

Saturday afternoon.

No call back from the school yesterday about amending the form.

Couldn’t sleep at all last night.

Couldn’t shut the brain off.

Couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So disappointed.

I want him to go to school on Monday, but he can’t.  I won’t let him.

I’m starting to feel like this could be the incident that makes me pull him from public school completely.

Sick to my stomach over it.

Don’t want it to happen this way.

Am feeling frustrated and a little pissed off.

On the bright side, it has clarified my priorities.

I feel newly committed and freshly energized toward giving him every happy memory I can muster, so we’re going to Disneyland.  Finally!

Doing it up right.  Staying at the Disneyland Hotel and everything.

Not for a while yet, but it’s on the calendar and the deposit is paid.  Woohoo!

I love this little boy.

Darn those school people for ruining a week of his life.

I still have faith they will fix this, but I’m not gonna wait around, you know?



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