If I had a new dining room table, it would never be covered with legos, bike helmets, math worksheets, an empty bread bag and a barrel of monkeys.

If I could win the lotto, I could provide for my family.  And my friend’s families.  And their friends’ families  And a bunch of strangers too.

Someday, husband will eat (and enjoy) a tomato.

I could never be a vegan.

I will cure the cats of their bad habits.  Like barfing on my brown sandals.  Right in front of me.  While I’m eating.

My son will one day stop missing the toilet when he pees.

When this week is over, I will get more sleep.

I will grow out of my occasional craving for a cola slurpee.

I will clean the bird poop off of the porch light before the holidays bring family to my door.

I am planning our Disney trip just for the little boy.

It’s not too late to have another baby.

I can do without those glasses my optometrist prescribed eleven months ago.

If I am patient, Willy Wonka Scrunch Bars will come back.

We will get a new couch.

I will build out the counter in the kitchen by myself.

Soap scum removers remove soap scum and are worth $3.89.

I would like for my family to live at Pottery Barn and leave this place behind.

Happy Monday!  😀


2 thoughts on “myths

  1. Honestly Becky I don’t think both my boys will ever not miss the toilet bowl…. now throw in my father in law at my house every Thursday…. Scary toilet. Yikes. And please do tell of the soap scum remover that actually works please!

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