People dancing, people laughing. A man selling ice cream.

It’s Saturday night.

I had a nice afternoon with my sister-in-law at The Forum in Carlsbad.

We ate at Casa de Bandini (one of my favorites) and shopped at Anthropologie, Paper Source, Borders and Sur La Table.

Then, we went to Coldstone for a relaxing dessert – sweet cream with brownie and a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup mixed in – delish!

After I took my sister-in-law back to her house, I stopped at Marukai.  I love that place.  LOVE it.

I always find some little treasure there that I can’t get anywhere else.

Today, I bought a sharpener for my exciting friend, Sarah :D, and her very dull knives :|.

The sharpener cost a whopping $1.89.  Worth every penny and then some.  I have one myself and I really can’t recall how I managed my kitchen before I got it.  Amazing.

Whenever I go to Marukai, I also have to get some Mejii candy.

This time I picked up a pack of Macadamias and a box of Chocorooms.  I also got a cup of Vanilla Yan-Yan for the little boy.

It took every ounce of my will power to save half the macadamias for the husband, and most of the chocorooms for the child.

No joke – I could have powered through the lot of it in the car.  It’s fluff food.  If you drive fast enough, the calories don’t count.  Especially if you’re listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I got home in time to see a pretty pink sunset.

Over all, it was a lovely day.   Thanks for being my sister-in-law, Sister-in-law.  😀

Now, the husband is out with his friends and the little boy is in his room for the night.

I heard the little cutie talking to himself a few minutes ago.

He had opened his bedroom door – probably thought I couldn’t hear him from my perch.

It amazes me that I merely called up the stairs to him, told him to close the door, and he did it.

Now he is quiet.

Last year, husband and I were still splitting shifts sleeping in the little boy’s room with him.

He wouldn’t fall asleep if we left, and if he woke in the wee hours to find us gone, he threw a king size tantrum.

We resigned ourselves to sleeping in there every night for however long it took to change his routine.  It took a long time, but now it’s done.

Calling up there like I did, and getting results, without moving from my chair, that’s a miracle.  Ahhh.

Now chocolate chip cookies and early bedtime are on my immediate agenda.

I’ll probably even skip the cookies.

I had too many sweets today anyway and my eyes are tired.

My body is too.

My left foot, and its annoying plantar fasciitis, is in pain tonight.

I need more rest.

Or so they say.

Clearly, they don’t have my life.

Good Night and Happy Saturday!  😀

P.S.  Did you get the Chicago reference?


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