Please Finish This For Me

The paint job is awful.

It would be easy to blame that entirely on the boy’s assistance.

Truth be told, that’s only about half the reason.

Yes, I spent a lot of time correcting his efforts, but I did plenty of stupid things all on my own.

I bought satin paint for the trim.  Should have gotten semi-gloss.

I flicked a paint covered glove onto the floor instead of into the trash bin.  I stepped on it barefoot three minutes later.  😡

I splattered white paint onto the door and instead of wiping it off quickly, I decided to paint the whole thing.  Mistake.  Wrong kind of paint.  Again.  It looks like crap, white-washed 1980’s crap.

I ran out of painter’s tape and thought I was talented enough to “carefully cut in” with the expensive brush I bought.  Nope, I’m not.

I painted primer over the entire room instead of just over the small area where I had painted samples.  Why did I do that?  It would have been so much faster and better looking to paint blue on blue and green on green. Could have covered the imperfections and gotten away with one coat.  Instead I have painted two coats already and now have some new imperfections to hide as well.

And do I even need to mention that I chose the hottest darn week EVER to do this.  Can you say “sweat?”  Can you say “sticky?”  Can you say “why isn’t this wall dry yet?!”

So, yeah, I’m kind of overwhelmed and annoyed with myself.  And I’m not going to paint like this again.  So worth hiring someone to do it for you.

To complicate matters even further, the boy passed out super early last night and then woke up at 4:30.  Since he stood at the window in our room and said “sky is waking up,” I thought it was around 6:15, so I got up too.

I had only gone to bed at 1:00 a.m.   I had psyched myself up for a pitiful five and a half hours of sleep, but I didn’t realize I had only gotten three and a half.  My body was protesting.  I walked a few feet, looked at the clock and then practically passed out on the boy’s bed.

Oh, and by the way, his bed is in the middle of our room, since we’re painting.  It’s so weird to me that he hasn’t a care in the world about that.  He has gone to bed as usual, despite the clutter and chaos around his relocated resting spot.  Will wonders never cease?

A year ago, we were in sleeping pattern hell, trying to implement a new routine.  Our hard work has paid off too well.  The sun sets and so does the boy.  I do like to pat myself on the back for being LOUD during his naps when he was a baby.  When he’s finally out, he sleeps through everything, including hefty earthquake aftershocks.

But that’s another post.  Or maybe it isn’t.

Okay, whatever.

I still have a lot to do on this painting project, but now I’m showered and I want something to eat, so that’s about it for today.

Talk to you tomorrow.  Maybe.

Husband is taking the boy on a special outing, so I might actually have a moment to tidy up for our weekend visitor.  If I tidy, I might not post.  😀

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  The buggies and worms have arrived to end the season for tomatoes in the yard.  Sad.


3 thoughts on “Please Finish This For Me

  1. Becky,
    I can’t think of an activity I loathe more than painting – I do exactly the kinds of things you did! Blagh…

    And we’re in tomato hell here, too. Mine are finally ripening but we’ve had too much rain, and they split before you can pick them. To the farmer’s market I go tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend with Jen!


  2. I actually really like to paint, too bad I am not closer. Everyone’s tomatoes are ruined – we had no summer and tons of rain and I had to pull and toss whole tomato plants full of green tomatoes, only got to eat one. Hope you weren’t as hot as L.A.?

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