The Chaos of Painting

Twice as much stuff in our room for a week –
including an extra bed and the little boy who sleeps in it.

Why even bother to make our own bed in this mess?

My out-of-control sewing table and the still unhemmed curtains I made two months ago for the little boy’s window.

I pinned them last night, I swear.

The staging area.  Ha!
More like the place right outside his door that
I dumped all the stuff,
but never efficiently organized.

By the way, if you ever decide to paint when your kid is home,
get some of those giant Ziploc bags.
You can stick your paint pan and all the rollers and brushes in one and seal it up while you’re making lunch or whatever.
This works really well if you have multiple colors going too.
The paint stays fresh in the bag overnight, if necessary.

The room, on its way to completion.
The same, but different.

Not easy to keep a curious boy away from this:

He painted right over all the switches and outlets too.  Sigh.
Lots of cleaning and undoing of things later for mommy.

The room is back together now (except for the very un-matchy temporary curtains to be replaced next week).
The little boy is happy, but the camera battery is dead.
Will have to put more pix in another post.

P.S.  Yesterday, I decided that having a dirty wad of painters tape stuck to the back of my bare thigh gives me the heebie jeebies.

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “The Chaos of Painting

  1. The color is beautiful. I don’t even remember it as that color so the paint job must have served its purpose! Good job, Beck and Tommy!

  2. PULEASE put the paint job behind you, enjoy the visit from Grandma and go have a great week-end. Things will be waiting for you when you return, but you’ll come back with a new perspective after some adult conversations and taking time for yourself.

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