Just Making Room In My Brain

  1. While sitting at a light near Walmart this morning, I saw a man walking in really shiny, bright red shoes.  He had on gray sweatpants, a brown hoodie sweatshirt and those candy apple colored crazy covers on his feet.  I didn’t get it.  They were almost neon red, you know what I mean?  It confused me.  Why would anyone wear that?
  2. I found four pairs of my favorite jeans today.  In my size.  On sale.  Woohoo!  Can you say “plus-size score?”  Thank goodness for my twice-yearly urge to visit our depressing local K-Mart store.
  3. The cranberry white tea I bought on clearance at Vons is terrible.  Should have paid full price for something I love.
  4. I have lint covered hard candies in the bottom of my giant green purse.  Wanna peppermint?
  5. I am fated to visit doctor after doctor only to learn that my insurance does not cover the treatment options they suggest.  No oral surgery.  No glasses.  No customized shoe inserts for my painful foot.  Honey, let’s move to Canada.
  6. I took a crappy phone picture of my x-ray last time I went to the dentist.
  7. And another when I went to the podiatrist.
  8. I always put my new plastic tube hangers through the dishwasher before I hang my clothes on them.  Germ. A. Phobe.
  9. My foot hurts.
  10. My shoulder hurts.
  11. My hair is down today and is making my neck sweaty.  And the sweat is making the hair kink.  Nice little cycle there.
  12. My blow dryer died.  Using the spare is like waiting for a snail to cross in front of you so you can GO.
  13. We really need a new couch, but I feel paralyzed at the furniture store.  Why is it so difficult to choose?
  14. I miss my nieces and nephews.  And the DaviMoli girls too.  Too tall, too fast.  All of them.
  15. My mom comes back to town tomorrow.
  16. If the devil is around, he’s probably cheese.
  17. The little boy loves musical greeting cards.  Sometimes he opens three at once and lets the music blend.  It makes him happy.  He’s listening to one in that picture below.

I am deep in the throws of my writer’s block.  Can you tell?  Yes.  Yes, you can.

Just trying to get something, anything, out.  Harumph.

Happy Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Just Making Room In My Brain

  1. Hey there – I love playing on line scrabble. It makes me feel connected to you oh and stupid. LOL. I also LOVE reading your blog. When you post on facebook that you updated your blog I have to decide to read now or read over coffee in the am in the office. I prefer in the am over coffee. No child poking me like he is now or husband standing over my shoulder asking if this bothers me. HA HA

  2. More photo info than I needed ——-
    But Happy Halloween to you & your cutest little boy that I’ve even seen!!!!!!
    Hugs to you all, Gail

  3. Funny, I went to your page to write, “Blog, blog, blog” and here it was. . .I didn’t even have to ask. Try the Cinnamon Apple Tea, very good and it will go on sale soon. I can’t believe you ‘blow dry’ your hair. If you could see the constant state of ‘frizz’ going on here with the fine, curly mass I call hair in the late season humidity, you would cry for me. I hate looking in the mirror. BTW, Sophia LOVES those music cards. The talking ones too. Heads straight for them the minute we walk into the store. Oh yeah, I hear you on the dental cr*p, I’m going in for my second root canal in two months. Our insurance is maxed out, so I hope the credit card holds up. If it wasn’t for the constantly recurring tooth infection, I’d wait until the new year. . .All right, now I’ve cleared my head, at your expense. Love you!

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