A haircut, a walk and a woohoo!

Finally took the little boy for a haircut yesterday.

A bad haircut.

Timid pseudo-stylist (with no scissor skills) was paralyzed when my kid refused to let her bring the extra loud electric hair trimmer anywhere near his ears.

My kid is not cooperative.  He doesn’t always take directions.  I get it.  I do.

But really, stylist lady?

You work in a kid’s salon.  Difficult clients are the mainstay of your shop.  Don’t you know how to cut quickly and quietly with a deft hand and no buzzing blade of doom?

Annoying.  And not that cheap!

So yeah, I chased the child around all afternoon with my own deft hand and scissors.

I tried to undo or redo or just do what she had failed to, but it’s still uneven and way too long in spots.

It makes my eye twitch, but I’m not completely sure how to attack it myself.  I’m not a stylist either.

I’ll try to post a pic tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll have corrected it further by then.

Or maybe he will be bald.

We’ll see.

I went for a quick walk around the lake this morning.

It’s peaceful and close to my house and I forget about it all the time.

The walk is short, but the view is so beautiful that you can feel your soul being restored as you do it.

On Monday I’ll have to remember to bring a little bit of bread.

Sorry, duckies.

Next time!


Just hopped up to answer the phone before finishing this post.

It seems that the darned insurance company IS going to pay for my ginormously expensive orthotic shoe insert!


Well, what do you know about THAT?!


and I had just perfected my whine.

Happy Friday!  😀


5 thoughts on “A haircut, a walk and a woohoo!

  1. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! for insurance paying!

    I, on the other hand, received a bill today from the Carmel, IN emergency room which nearly caused me to faint. I MUST get some good insurnace, and quickly.

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