Day Seven 2010 Pumpkin Demise

This is getting grosser and grosser, but I’m still fascinated.

The heat has really helped them along this year.
Today is a lot cooler though,
so maybe tomorrow’s pix won’t look that different.

The flies are really abundant.  I’m starting to wonder if my neighbors on the other side of that fence have noticed them.  Sorry, neighbors!

Last year, I chopped up all of the decorative little Wee-Bee pumpkins and smashed them into the dirt with my feet.

A few months later, we had vines and flowers.
We didn’t know you had to hand pollinate them,
so no pumpkins grew.

Still, it was interesting to find the little green sprouts poking up from the earth seemingly moments after we tossed the fruit.

Click on that last one for a nice close-up of the
fuzzy black mold inside.


Happy Sunday!


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