My son’s school is a few miles from our house, on the outskirts of an undeveloped chunk of land.

When I drive away from there in the morning, I am frequently the only vehicle in the area.

Today, there was another car.  And it was black and white.

I know I put my foot on the brake when I turned right at the corner, but the cop said I never came to a full stop.

Probably true, but you know my car issues with the boy.  I’m conditioned to keep moving.

And on a basically deserted street, surrounded by open fields and unfinished roads?

Yeah, I’m probably going to take the corner, if no one protests.

When I was pulled over, I had my headset on and was talking to my friend’s husband on the phone.

Oddly enough, he was telling me about his own strange experience on the road today.

I had to cut him short.

Note to Joel:  I still need the end of that story.

The worst part about this was the embarrassment of trying to find my paperwork in the cavernous pit I call a purse.

I apologized for that about seven times.  I don’t think the cop was too impressed with me.

Note to self:  clean out the freaking purse.  And the car too, for that matter.  I felt those police eyes on the half eaten HoHos in my son’s drink holder.

He gave me the ticket and walked back to his cruiser.

I sat and contemplated whether or not I had my thoughts collected enough to drive off without further incident.

I did and I left.

I called my friend and gave her the details her husband didn’t have.

She was just as mortified as I when I told her about the fine, a whopping $450 dollars.  Right before Christmas.  Ugh.

Note to everyone: don’t roll through right turns in California unless you’re sure the light is green, because you can’t afford it.

After we hung up, I got a little teary and started down the self-loathing-I’m-such-a-loser spiral.

I haven’t been pulled over in maybe ten years.  (Not legitimately anyway, but that’s another annoying story.)

Husband wouldn’t answer his work number for a few more minutes, so I called another friend and tried to reach my brother too.

Neither were available to hear my woes.

Left with no vent, I pulled myself back from the whole thing a bit and tried to figure out what about it made me feel so stupid.

I concluded it was the state of my purse and car much more than my failure to stop at the light.

Maybe that’s a self-indulgent concern, but it’s the truth.

I was embarrassed by my portable chaos, in much the same way I am embarrassed for anyone to see the daily state of my home.

I’ll be tidying up for the holidays, of course, but now I’ve got $450 reasons to change my habits for good.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that one of my son’s vocabulary words this week is “slob?”

Don’t answer that.

Now, get a load of Jack.

Day Ten 2010 Pumpkin Demise

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Caught

  1. If you have the opportunity, DO go to traffic school which takes the offense off your insurance and driving record. I went a few years ago, and I learned a lot at my old age -do one that’s “laugh and learn”. You still have to pay the ticket, but your insurance rates won’t suffer.

  2. It is good the policeman didn’t see the beaten up pumpkins. Can you say “aggravated assault”? Anyway, are they going to let you go to traffic school so you don’t have to pay the fine? That would be good. Love you lots!

  3. $450??? Jeez oh Pete! I will certainly heed your advise the next time I drive in California…

    As for the messy purse and house, you know it just gets messed up again after you’ve straightened it, right? Don’t stress it. I’m sure the cop has and will see again, much worse.

    I’m so sorry about the $450 – aack!

  4. “…not legitimately”…..ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

    Sorry about that fine – UGH!!!!! Keith recently got pulled over and was given a similar fine.

    UGH! UGH!

  5. OMG, Becky! Do you know that one of the mom’s in Lexie’s class is married to a cop, and many of her family members are cops, too. She says always go to court to fight the ticket, the cop has to show up, and if not the fine will be dropped! It’s worth a try! Good luck.

  6. Becky, I just read the post about the traffic ticket. Sorry! Do go to court and pray that the cop doesn’t show or even he does have a good reasonable
    defence and they may lower the fee. I have done it more than once and it has helped. One was a red light camera for which I had to do a lot of research but worth it. Good luck!

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