Thinking Thursday

School holiday.

Kid home and full of energy.

No time to write.

But I want you to know what made me teary today.

Go to Squidalicious, read about her son, and definitely watch that video.

Then think about my son too.

And here is your

Day Nine what? no Eleven 2010 Pumpkin Demise update…

Happy Veteran’s Day!

P.S. Finally watched parts of Toy Story 3 this morning.  😯  Scared me for a millisecond – I thought they were going to die.  😥

P.P.S.  Tune in tomorrow to see how we think outside the box.


5 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday

  1. Please keep taking photos of these decaying pumpkins.

    At first glance, the reminded me of the melting faces of those evil Nazis at the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark.

    I need more of this.

    Thank you.

  2. These pumpkins remind me of the guy in the movie who turns into a fly and says in a tiny little voice “help me, help me.” There is just something about the pumpkins that requires me to see them on a daily basis, just to be astonished by the looks on their carved little faces. Actually, this project is quite interesting.

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